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Dr. Aylward is Senior Director of Operations and founder of Kitware’s office in North Carolina. He also help directs Kitware’s medical research activities. At the University of North Carolina (UNC), Dr. Aylward is an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Computer Science. He volunteers as the treasurer for the Insight Software Consortium that helps to manage ITK, IGSTK, and other open-source packages for medical image analysis. He also serves as an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging and the SPIE Journal of Medical Imaging, a board member for the MICCAI society and on several conference and academic advisory committees. Prior to joining Kitware, Dr. Aylward was a tenured associate professor of Radiology, Computer Science, and Surgery at UNC.

In general, Dr. Aylward's research has focused on vascular image analysis, computer-aided diagnosis, intra-operative registration of ultrasound with pre-operative images, and developing ITK and other open-source toolkits. At Kitware the majority of his work focuses on research involving point-of-care ultrasound and vascular image analysis. He has had NIH, NSF, and DoD R01, SBIR, and STTR grants to (a) work with a small businesses to develop a low-cost, easy to use ultrasound systems that help novice uses assess intra-abdominal bleeding for trauma victims in the field, (b) assist a university professor in the study the micro-vasculature of tumors using micro-bubble contrast agents to grade cancers and study their response to treatment, (c) assist a small business to create a commercial ultrasound system that forms whole body 3D ultrasound scans of mice to detect genetic variations and to characterize disease, (d) enhance the capabilities of VTK for medical imaging, and (e) collaborator with leading institutions on the study of traumatic brain injury. Dr. Aylward has been involved in these and related research areas for nearly 25 years.

You can find current information on Dr. Aylward's research and publications at Four publications that highlight the breath of his recent contributions to the field are listed below:

1. Niethammer M, Hart G, Pace D, Vespa P, Irimia A, Van Horn J, and Aylward S, “Geometric Metamorphosis.” MICCAI, 2011 PMID: 21995083, PMC3719851

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3. Roland Kwitt, Nuno Vasconcelos, Sharif Razzaque, Stephen R. Aylward: Localizing target structures in ultrasound video - A phantom study. Medical Image Analysis 17(7): 712-722 (2013) PMID: 23746488, PMC3737575

4. Pace, D.F.; Aylward, S.R.; Niethammer, M., "A Locally Adaptive Regularization Based on Anisotropic Diffusion for Deformable Image Registration of Sliding Organs," Medical Imaging, IEEE Transactions on, vol.32, no.11, pp.2114,2126, Nov. 2013 doi: 10.1109/TMI.2013.2274777 PMID: 23899632, PMC3841159