Published March 30, 2007

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VTK 5.0.3 Released

VTK 5.0.3 was released March 30, 2007. This is the third patch release to VTK 5.0. To download this release, visit Some of the changes in this release include the following:

• More changes to make the code consistent with the VTK User's Guide and textbook
• Fix vtkMergeDataObjectFilter number of input ports.
• Fix vtkGreedyTerrainDecimation - avoid stack overflow by limiting recursion depth.
• Improve numerical precision in cubic solver.
• Fixed problem when revision string does not end with a space
• Fixed problem where Discrete/Marching Cubes was not considering the whole extent of the input
• Always set VTK_WRAP_HINTS in the vtkLocal example.
• Skip cxx feature test on gcc 2.95.
• Remove the Utilities/vtkmpeg2encode directory from the VTK source tree. (No patented code allowed.)
• TclTk changes - ensure VTK_TK_INTERNAL is set on Unix - already set on Mac/Win32.
• Add support for kwsys Glob feature.
• Fix bug 3674: writing grayscale TIFFs
• Fix bug 3663: an array bound error
• Fix bug 3774: vtkOpenGLImageActor
• Fix bug 4398: vtkPythonUtil.cxx compile error building with Python 2.5
• Fix bug 3845: create names for unnamed arrays in vtkXMLWriter.
• Fix bug 3613: allow QT Designer to load
• Fix bug 4282: Call to vtkXMLWriterF_SetSpacing sets Origin instead of Spacing.
• Fix bug 3790: using vtkXMLWriterC.h segfaults for unstructured grid
• Fix bug 4139: use correct window center in vtkWindowToImageFilter.
• Fix bug 4183: initialize WholeExtents member in vtkImageCanvasSource2D constructor.
• Fix bug 2904: ensure VTK_HAVE_GETSOCKNAME_WITH_SOCKLEN_T definition on first configure.

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