ParaView is an open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application used in a wide variety of scientific fields. Kitware offers professional support for ParaView through our ParaViewPro support subscription. This subscription provides you with 10 hours of custom consulting and training services to be used within a one year period. Use it for questions, one-on-one training, or small custom development projects. This subscription is flexible enough to meet your needs - if you need more hours they can be easily added to your subscription.

If you have a large team or more substantial custom development needs, Kitware offers tiered contracts when your support needs exceed 120 hours in a year. These contract are billed at $130 per hour for our research and development engineers, and $225 per hour for our subject matter experts. Kitware can set up weekly training sessions for your team, hold regular tcons to answer questions, develop custom readers or filters to meet your needs, or develop a custom web-based application to your specifications. Feel free to contact us to discuss your team's specific needs.