Motion Detection and Tracking

Kitware is developing tools that focus on detecting moving objects and tracking them in archived and streaming video. The primary information elements in such video data are moving entities in the context of roads, buildings, and other scene features. These entities often yield fragmented tracks in complex urban environments due to occlusions, stops, and other factors. Kitware is developing algorithmic solutions to associate tracks and then identify and integrate local events to detect potential threats and perform forensic analysis.

The developed algorithms contribute to a software system that drastically augments an end-user's ability to discover novel intelligence using models of activities, normalcy, and context. As the vast majority of events are normal and pose no threat, the models cross-integrate singular events to discover relationships and anomalies that are indicative of suspicious behavior or match previously learned or defined threat activity.

To learn more about our efforts in moving object tracking, please see our CVPR 2010 paper.