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Data Management

Advances in scientific research, engineering design, and knowledge discovery are increasingly fueled by data-centric computing. Since the effectiveness of an organization depends on its ability collect, store, process, mine, and visualize data, scientists and analysts require efficient access to data servers that enable clients to access and manage the data repository. Kitware has been a pioneer in the area of open-access scientific data management. Midas, our premier data management platform, was created to build applications that handle data management problems across many domains.

Kitware has also been instrumental in launching the Insight Journal as a vehicle for distributing developments in medical image processing. We have also partnered with the Optical Society (OSA) and the National Library of Medicine to develop and launch an Interactive Scientific Publishing (ISP) system. This important milestone in scientific publishing will significantly improve the dissemination of scientific findings and ultimately accelerate scientific inquiry. The Midas Platform has allowed Kitware to build high-impact publishing and data dissemination applications while strengthening the open-source infrastructure and lowering costs for users.

For our clients seeking data management capabilities, we offer customized solutions based on our open-source Midas Platform.