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Information generation and consumption are central to our daily lives and paramount to any scientific endeavor. However, information without structure is only noise. The science of information, informatics, attempts to extract order from the apparent chaos.

Working with a variety of customers and collaborators, Kitware is developing several tools to address the challenges in the field of informatics. As the process of applying analysis and visualization techniques to data that is not natively represented in space and time, Kitware is using informatics to enable robust text and data analysis in a variety of fields. Examples of such information data include: metadata; document and text repositories; ontologies; causality networks; biological and molecular interaction maps; genomic and communication networks; and business data, including financials and marketing demographics. By creating a visual representation of the data, our tools enable better analysis and more profound insight to be gained from information.

For our clients and collaborators in informatics, we offer a variety of services and products including commercial technology integration, and support, training, and documentation for our open-source tools.

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