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Software Process

Kitware uses an agile development and six-sigma inspired software process relying on a tight cycle of development, testing, and detailed feedback to facilitate rapid development of high-quality products.

Our quality software process centers on the open-source, cross-platform products CMake, CTest, CPack, and CDash. These tools allow software developers to easily manage their build, testing, and packaging needs in a platform and compiler independent manner. Continuous and nightly building and testing on a variety of platforms, with immediate feedback provided to developers, leads to both faster development and more robust software. This software process is in use not only on our own large-scale, distributed, open-source development projects such as VTK, ITK, and ParaView, but also for a wide variety of popular commercial and open-source projects including KDE SC 4 and Second Life.

For our clients seeking to configure and implement our software process at their own site, we offer a variety of services and products, including support and technology integration services, training packages, online courses, and documentation.