Software Process
Kitware uses an agile development software process relying on a tight cycle of development, testing, and detailed feedback to facilitate rapid development of high-quality products. Our quality software process centers on the open-source, cross-platform products CMake, CTest, CPack, and CDash. These tools allow software developers to easily manage their build, testing, and packaging needs in a platform and compiler independent manner. Continuous and nightly building and testing on a variety of platforms, with immediate feedback provided to developers, leads to both faster development and more robust software. This software process is in use not only on our own large-scale, distributed, open-source development projects such as VTK, ITK, and ParaView, but also for a wide variety of popular commercial and open-source projects including KDE SC 4 and Netflix.
What Kitware Can Do for You
  • Tailor and integrate our suite of CMake, CTest, CPack, and CDash to improve your development workflow.
  • Setup a testing server to run and test your software, and aggregate testing results.
  • Implement tools to monitor software characteristics over the lifetime of a project.
  • Incorporate cross-platform build, test, and packaging tools to broaden your software impact.
Featured Video: Software Process for Community Confidence
For a software project to thrive, the community supporting it must be confident not only in the vision of the project, but also the stability of the process to create it. This is manifest in the software process for the project, and requires that the code works well, problems are fixed quickly, and changes are well communicated.
Case Studies
Netflix Adopts CMake
Customer challenge: Needed a build system that could address a varied ecosystem with in-house ports of libraries and apply patches or resolve conflicts once, rather than with each version of the SDK.
Kitware Solution: The Netflix team implemented CMake as the best solution to the build challenges. CMake created project files for all development environments, was easily extensible with its own scripting language,  provided cross-platform commands to copy and delete files and directories, and was easy to deploy on the Netflix team's Jenkins nodes. For more detail on the Netflix implementation of CMake, read the full Source article, CMake, CTest, and CDash at Netflix.
Open Source Electronic Health Records
Customer challenge: Establishing an ecosystem to support long-term stability and growth of an open-source electronic health record.
Kitware solution: The Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent (OSEHRA) has implemented Kitware's quality software process to facilitate the improvement and maintenance of EHR information systems. OSEHRA is using the agile methodologies, continuous testing and verification as part of their Software Quality Certification.