Computer Vision

Our Computer Vision group has extensive expertise developing robust solutions for real-world data.

Data Management

We have designed scalable database systems able to handle massive amounts of data, while integrating easily with a variety of computing tools.

Informatics We have informatics tools which combine information visualization, statistical analysis, and linked views to facilitate interactive data exploration.
Medical Imaging We are leaders in the field of medical image analysis, including techniques in registration, segmentation, and volume rendering. We develop a variety of applications and toolkits to support the analysis and visualization of complex biological systems. Our tools are designed to support high-resolution, multi-modality imaging for longitudinal studies in clinical research environments.

Scientific Computing

We have a broad range of experience developing scalable, parallel methods for the analysis and visualization of large data.

Software Process

Through our scalable, distributed quality software process we ensure rapid, adaptive development built on a foundation of high-quality testing.