Andrew Elder

In-House Photo and Video Producer

Business Development

Kitware New York
Clifton Park, NY

Andrew Elder

Andrew is a family man with a varied background when it comes to his education and career. The former includes degrees in English and Theatre, Navy Nuclear Power School, and financial coaching. His career is even more broad, spanning enterprise software implementation, training and instructional design, club security in sunny Los Angeles, photography and videography, and – of course – Communication.

Andrew has written, copy-edited, and edited for national financial and medical publications. He’s also developed executive recruitment and communication content, collaborating with pioneers in numerous industries from software development to insurance to publication. Most relevant, he’s overhauled traditional communication efforts to include visual design; connecting team members to the amazing things that happen inside good companies like ours every day through traditional communication, but also video production and photography, while connecting us to our industry and network – including potential new hires – through promotional partnerships with external marketing.