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M-Star CFD™-enabled simulation use cases for your entire team

Quickly and easily run simulation scenarios with M-Star CFD™ using ArrowFlow
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ArrowFlow, a powerful simulation tool for engineers

ArrowFlow allows you to run your simulation use cases with M-Star CFD™ for a range of applications, including bioreactors, agitated tanks, recirculation systems, free-surface dynamics, droplet dispersion, and HVAC. ArrowFlow gives engineers the power to create and view the simulation results they need to optimize plant operations.

Easy to access

ArrowFlow runs in a browser, making it accessible on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Easy to install

The ArrowFlow web server can run on-premises or in the cloud based on your IT configuration and security needs. The software is distributed as an easy-to-install Docker image.

Easy to add simulation use cases

ArrowFlow enables CFD and domain experts to create curated simulations. Critical simulation parameters that reflect real-world conditions, such as mixer speed, temperature, and pressure, can be made available for field engineers to adjust and run a simulation.

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