Bane Sullivan

R&D Engineer

Data and Analytics

Kitware Remote

M.Sc. Hydrology
Colorado School of Mines

B.Sc. Geophysical Engineering
Colorado School of Mines

Bane Sullivan

Bane Sullivan is an R&D engineer who works remotely on Kitware’s Data and Analytics Team. He applies his background in applied earth sciences to the geospatial web applications and visualization tools he develops. He contributes to Kitware’s open source software at the intersection of geophysics, 3D visualization, and reproducible computing. 

Bane is also a member of Kitware’s Open Source Committee, which was established to help grow the company’s reputation as a successful innovator in fostering thriving open source platforms and communities.

During his graduate research, Bane led the development of PyVista: a streamlined and intuitive Python interface to the Visualization Toolkit (VTK). Through his graduate research and the PyVista ecosystem of software, Bane’s focus has been to make 3D visualization and analysis tools more accessible to researchers. In essence, helping geoscientists visualize their data, communicate their spatial findings, and enable data traceability in their research.

Bane received his master’s degree in hydrological science and his bachelor’s degree in geophysical engineering, with a minor in computer science, from the Colorado School of Mines.