Drew Lazzeri

R&D Engineer

Drew Lazzeri is an R&D engineer for Kitware’s Scientific Computing Team located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He assists with the development and maintenance of Kitware’s open source platforms and web applications, such as ParaView Web. This includes implementing new features, fixing bugs, and ensuring our applications adhere to Kitware’s quality guidelines. 

Before joining Kitware, Drew was a full-stack engineer at interviewing.io. He built out new features for interviewing.io’s technical interview practice platform, helped simplify their rating system, and designed their email marketing system.

Drew received his bachelor’s degree in theater arts and mathematics from Santa Clara University.


B.A. in theater arts and mathematics from Santa Clara University

Get to Know Drew

Why did you want to become a Kitwarean? I found Kitware through CMake’s github repo. After I saw how much Kitware had done for the open source and scientific world, I was excited to see they were hiring!

Share something interesting about yourself that is not on your resume. Before getting into software, I worked as a lumberjack and fence builder on a cattle ranch.