Stephen Aylward will provide a podium presentation and a poster presentation, both of which he co-authored with Matt McCormick, Sean Montgomery, Luv Kohli, Jeffrey Lowell, Bradley Freeman, and Deborah Shipley Kane.

Aylward S, Gerber S, McCormick M, Jallais M, Montgomery S, Kohli L, Freeman B, Kane S, “Point-of-care ultrasound for detecting elevated intracranial pressure in the field” SOMSA 2017

Type: Podium presentation

Description from abstract: We have devised a system that will acquire B-mode images using a hand-held, single-crystal ultrasound device (Interson, Inc.) that can transmit images to a tablet or laptop computer over USB. As images are streamed to the computer, the image that best matches a statistical model of the expected appearance of an ideal optical nerve image can be automatically chosen for analysis.

Aylward S, McCormick M, Jallais M, Gerber S, Montgomery S, Kohli L, Freeman B, Kane S, “Computer-Assisted FAST exam for in-field triage” SOMSA 2017

Type: Poster presentation

Description from abstract: Using radiofrequency (RF) data recorded at multiple transmit powers and frequencies from an ultrasound probe (Interson, Inc.) connected via USB to a laptop computer, we applied (1) multi-feature superpixel preprocessing to delineate anatomic regions in those RF data, (2) spectral coherence to detect regions of weak acoustic coupling (e.g., insufficient gel or obscuring ribs), (3) random forest classification to identify regions of interest (e.g., pooled blood), and (4) dynamic texture classification to determine the probe’s general anatomic position.

2017-SOMSA-Aylward-FAST Poster Presentation

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