There is a growing interest in interaction research of volumes for immersive virtual environments and immersive visualizations. Traditional interaction modalities may not be sufficient to select and manipulate multiple objects or data points, or have the potential to interfere with users’ sense of immersion or workflow. Additionally, there is a strong interest in scaling interfaces from the desktop display to higher immersive display systems. As a result, cost, availability, and familiarity all play a role in designing interaction. Solutions tend to be focused separately in these communities, however this will serve as a common forum to openly discuss these issues and ideas for solutions.
The IEEE VR 2014 Workshop on Immersive Volumetric Interaction is intended to bring together researchers, developers, and users from multiple communities in Virtual Environments, 3D User Interfaces, and Immersive Visualizations to discuss issues and share ideas that relate to the process, interaction modalities, hardware, software, interface constraints, and users’ goals and workflow as they relate to the problem of interacting with volumetric data in immersive visualizations and/or multiple objects defined as a volume in virtual environments.
This half-day workshop will provide a forum for presentations and energized discussions to initial new and exciting developments in this area as well as connections for collaborations among multiple research disciplines. The program will consist of planned presentations of accepted papers and focused lively discussions. Possible issues for discussion include, but are not limited to: natural user interfaces, interaction modalities, selection, manipulation, quality of immersion, physical and cognitive fatigue, low-cost immersive systems (input and output), user goals and workflow, and analysis tools.
Patrick O’Leary is one of the workshop’s organizers.

Physical Event