From September 12-14, Kitware will host a 3-day course on VTK, ParaView and ITK in Lyon, France. The course, which will be taught in English by Julien Jomier, will dedicate a day to learning each toolkit. The key objectives include understanding the VTK pipeline; viewing 2D images, meshes, and stacks of meshes in VTK; understanding ParaView; loading data and parallel processing in ParaView; understanding ITK’s basic functions; learning how to create an application with CMake and ITK; and creating and running registration and segmentation filters in ITK.

Users and developers interested in the course are welcome to register for just one day or all three. There are special, discounted rates available before August 29. Please see the Kitware course listing for registration rates.

If you have any questions or would like to register, please contact us at

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