This 3D Slicer Virtual Hackfest will take place through a Goodgle Hangout. It will discuss how to work on 3D Slicer and Conda integration. In particular, the hackfest will highlight the contributions of Jorge Onieva and Adam Rankin.

Kitware is one of the leading development teams for 3D Slicer, which is a free, open-source, extensible application for visualization and image analysis, particularly for medical images. Funded and directed by the National Alliance for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC), the Neuroimage Analysis Center (NAC), the National Center for Image-Guided Therapy (NCIGT), and numerous other NIH and government initiatives, 3D Slicer is being applied to research and applications ranging from pre-clinical animal studies to surgical planning and guidance, medical robot control, and population studies.

Physical Event