Kitware co-founder Bill Hoffman will be at All Things Open 2017, which is taking place October 23 – 24 in Raleigh, NC. He’s presenting a talk titled ‘OPEN SOURCE/OPEN SCIENCE BUSINESS MODEL.’

Bill says, ‘In this talk I will discuss the successful story of Kitware’s open source business model. Starting with 5 founders, no venture capital, and one really great open source toolkit in 1998, the company has thrived for almost two decades. The slow growth model has resulted in a company of about 150 employees with three US offices and a French office. Our small but dedicated and growing team has had a disproportionate impact on global scientific computing, including the creation of the defacto standard C++ build system CMake. The talk will cover our business model and open source success stories.’

All Things Open is a two-day event that focuses on open source and the open web in the enterprise. The talks and workshops feature a diverse and unique line-up of some of the most well known experts in the world, as well as ‘new faces you’ll be hearing about for years into the future’. For more information, see their website and sign up for updates.

Physical Event

Raleigh Convention Center
500 S Salisbury St, Raleigh, NC 27601