This is the second annual American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) UAS Technical Demonstration & Symposium. The event will feature test flights, UAS data processing, and workshops.

Keith Fieldhouse will present a briefing on unmanned systems.


Open source software is valuable to the commercial UAV community promoting industry, universities, and end users to build shareable applications that can be regularly used and improved upon over time.

As the UAS photogrammetry community rapidly evolves, automated video analysis is becoming widely adopted and significant. Open source software (OSS) toolkits can provide the video analytics needed to more efficiently process data while furthering research, collaboration, and products. Current OSS capabilities are supporting communities such as Urban Planning/Development, Agriculture/Soil Assessments and Environmental Resource and Disaster Management. We will discuss evolving computer vision OSS toolkits, how they are being applied, and the need for a community wide OSS platform.

Physical Event