This webinar will be presented by Sangmin Oh. It is based on the paper, “Multimedia Event Detection with Multimodal Feature Fusion and Temporal Concept Localization,” by Sangmin Oh, Scott McCloskey, Ilseo Kim, Arash Vahdat, Kevin J. Cannons, Hossein Hajimirsadeghi, Greg Mori, A.G. Amitha Perera, Megha Pandey, and Jason J. Corso. This webinar will showcase work on building large-scale multimedia search engines for videos, which is designed to help users find videos of queried events such as parties, flash mobs, home maintenance, and cooking. It will guide you through the overall algorithmic framework, which includes computer vision, audio analysis, fusion, and machine learning techniques, along with actual results on a large real-world web video dataset.

Physical Event