This exhibition brings together scientists, engineers, and physicians to discuss key innovations in modern medicine.

Andinet Enquobahrie is on the programming committee of this exhibition, and members of Kitware will present papers at the event.

SlicerPET: A workflow based software module for PET/CT guided needle biopsy

By D�enan Zuki�, Julien Finet, Emmanuel Wilson, Filip Banovac, Giuseppe Esposito, Kevin Cleary, and Andinet Enquobahrie

Dzenan Zuki� will present this paper, which details ‘SlicerPET, a user-friendly workflow based module developed using open source software libraries to guide needle biopsy in the interventional suite.’

Postoperative Evaluation of Craniosynostosis based on 3D
Statistical Shape Model

By Jin Qi, D�enan Zuki�, Benjamin Wood, Gary Rogers, Christopher Meyer, Ricardo Ortiz, Carlos S. Mendoza, Andinet Enquobahrie, and Marius George Linguraru

D�enan Zuki� will present this paper, which highlights theaim to develop a method to enable the precise, quantitative comparison of cranial shape before and after cranial vault reconstruction to determine the efficacy of specific reconstructive techniques.’

Stress analysis of cranial bones for craniosynostosis surgical correction

By Ricardo Ortiz, D�enan Zuki�, Jin Qi, Benjamin Wood, Gary F. Rogers, Andinet Enquobahrie, and Marius George

Ricardo Ortiz will present this paper. The aim discussed ‘is to provide objective biomechanical modeling
tools to facilitate evaluating and optimizing surgical plans for craniosynostosis correction.’

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