Matt Leotta and Pat Marion will present at CVPR.

Matt will present a day-long course titled ‘Python for MATLAB Users: Promoting Open Source Computer Vision Research‘ at CVPR. It will be a collaborative presentation with several individuals from Google Research.

Python for MATLAB Users Abstract

This tutorial is a hands-on introduction to using Python for rapid prototyping and computer vision research. Python is presented from a Matlab user’s point of view, showing how to directly map the familiar Matlab syntax and workflow to a very similar syntax and workflow in Python.  The goal of the tutorial is to provide a free and open source alternative to Matlab to promote open science and to better prepare students for careers outside of academia.
Attendees will receive a virtual appliance (VirtualBox) with the full scientific Python environment pre-configured, and will execute programming exercises ranging from the introductory level to the intermediate level. The material, including the virtual appliance, will be distributed in pre-configured USB memory sticks and DVDs.
Pat Marion will speak at the PCL Tutorial on Sunday. His talk, PCL goes Mobile: iOS and Android 3D app programming, will be at 4:30.

Physical Event