Kitware will be presenting 7 courses over four days in July (22-25) at our new Albany NY Headquarters.

Monday July 22

Morning: Introduction to 3D Web visualization

Modern development is pushing applications to run inside Web environments. This course will introduce vtk.js and ParaViewWeb, and explain how these tools enable 3D Visualization inside your web browser.

Afternoon: Managing your data with Girder

Girder is a free and open source web-based data management platform. This course will provide an overview of Girder, including various use cases and extensibility for end-to-end data management, analytics, and visualization.

Tuesday July 23

All Day: CMake and Friends

CMake is open-source software for managing the build and test process of software using compiler-independent methods. This course will teach users the fundamentals of CMake and CTest through a mix of lectures and hands on tutorials.

Wednesday July 24

Morning: Introductory and applied VTK

At this introductory course, attendees learn the fundamental concepts that all users and developers need to know to work with The Visualization Toolkit. A curated selection of hands on exercises, in either C++ or Python, give students first hand experience with VTK’s fundamentals: data structures, data processing and rendering, and user interaction. The course material is annotated with recommended resources for further learning.

Afternoon: Tomviz: Tomography Data from Acquisition to Analysis and Visualization

The course will introduce you to the Tomviz desktop application (Windows, macOS, and Linux binaries available) with a focus on materials tomography data. We will cover the complete pipeline from data acquisition on a TEM microscope to projection image alignment and reconstruction. The more general analysis and visualization of reconstructed tomography data will be covered, along with exporting movies, web scenes, and data. Some advanced topics to be covered include running the pipeline in Docker and adding custom Python-based operators.

Thursday July 25

Morning: A hands on introduction to ParaView

Paraview is an open-source, parallel visualization and analysis application. In this course we provide a hands-on introduction to the ParaView interface, learn how to query the data, work on examples that use common visualization and data analysis filters, describe how to create animations, and how to save a visualization pipeline as a Python script that can be modified and run in batch mode.

Afternoon: Introduction to Computational Model Builder (CMB)

This course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of Simulation Model ToolKit (SMTK) with examples in both C++ and Python as well as hands on experience with using the Computational Model Builder (CMB) ModelBuilder Application. These combine to manage the core resources and associated operations which are required to define a simulation. Resources include geometric models, simulation information, and meshes.
This course cover use cases from a large range of problem domains, a discussion on how CMB can be applied to your workflow and problem domains, and future enhancements to both SMTK and CMB.

To reserve a seat for the courses, please fill out this google form and we’ll get back to you to confirm you reservation.

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