The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) GEOINT 2017 Symposium is fast approaching, and Kitware’s Directors of Computer Vision will be in attendance! This Symposium will take place in San Antonio, TX, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center June 4-7, 2017. Anthony Hoogs and Matt Turek will be available throughout the entirety of this Symposium to sit down with government representatives and companies interested in Kitware’s advanced capabilities and to show how they translate and add value to geospatial intelligence.

Over the years, Kitware has continuously developed exciting technologies that support the GEOINT community through computer vision and deep learning techniques. These techniques help Kitware build advanced tools and capabilities to support intelligence operations by detecting emerging threats. Complex activity, event, and threat detection capabilities recognize high-value events, behaviors, and activities in cluttered scenes from different types of videos such as Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) and Full Motion Video (FMV).

Kitware’s Social Multimedia Query Toolkit (SMQTK) understands internet video, visualizes and browses large internet video collections, and queries results to enable focused intelligence operations. SMQTK can also incorporate event recognition and scene understanding technologies to offer an integrated approach to analysis.  By adopting and harnessing deep learning techniques tied with computer vision, Kitware has  demonstrated dramatic improvements in technologies focused on hard problems such as extracting meaningful information from low resolution images and video and/or small training sets, and scaling to handle the large data volumes associated with object detection and tracking, event and activity recognition, scene understanding, 3D vision, and image and video forensics.


Please reach out to Anthony Hoogs and Matt Turek at to schedule meetings throughout GEOINT 2017.  We look forward to speaking with you about Kitware’s technologies, solutions, and your challenges!

About the event:

GEOINT 2017 is the “nation’s largest gathering of industry, academia, and government to include Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security Communities as well as commercial, Fed/Civil, State and Local geospatial intelligence stakeholders.” This year’s focus is on advancing capabilities to meet emerging threats and will include over 230 companies, organizations, and academic institutions supporting and showcasing technologies and capabilities to the GEOINT community through education sessions, training, and booth exhibits. Expect the opportunity to network with over 4,000 intelligence professionals and hear insightful keynote speakers such as the Director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Deputy Director of Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), and leaders within United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) and United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM).

Physical Event

Henry B. González Convention Center
900 E Market St, San Antonio, TX 78205