On March 20 at 2:00, Aashish Chaudhary will present the talk ‘Mobile Visualization with VES,’ and at 2:30 Robert Maynard will present the talk ‘Dax Toolkit: Efficient Visualization at Extreme Scale.’

‘Mobile Visualization with VES’ Abstract

Recent improvements in hardware and operating systems have enabled feature-rich games and interactive visualizations on the mobile platform. However, the lack of sustainable, general, and cross-platform frameworks prevents programmers and application developers from taking full advantage of these many recent advances. The proposed presentation begins with requirements for a good framework for mobile visualization and what motivated us to create a new framework, followed by in-depth introduction to VES and Kiwi architecture, followed by a description of important implementation details. The presentation includes a live demonstration of a steaming XBox Kinect generated and Point Cloud Library (PCL) processed point clouds to a mobile device. The presentation also describes how VES and Kiwi interfaces with some of other open source, scientific computing toolkits such as VTK, ParaViewWeb, and PCL; guidance towards developing real time visualization application on mobile devices; and approaches to addressing the challenge of developing on different operating systems such as Android and iOS. Since open source is an important aspect of VES and Kiwi framework, this talk also describes open source tools to access, manage, build, and test VES/Kiwi-based software in a comprehensive software development process.

Talk located in Marriott Ballroom 4.

‘Dax Toolkit: Efficient Visualization at Scale’ Abstract

Explore new techniques in scientific data analysis and visualization algorithms by looking at Dax toolkit which provides a development framework for the next generation of high-performance computers and GPU’s. Dax provides a concept mechanism to automatically build parallel scheduling code from signatures using C++.

Talk located in Room 212A.

Physical Event