Kitware’s Computer Vision team has had two papers accepted to this year’s IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision that will be presented at the event:

‘Pyramid Coding for Functional Scene Element Recognition in Video Scenes’, by Eran Swears, Anthony Hoogs, and Kim Boyer (RPI). In collaboration with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute through Eran Swear’s Ph.D. thesis, the paper is on recognizing objects in video scenes efficiently by the activity happening around them. This paper was sponsored by a DARPA STTR.

Compositional Models for Video Event Detection: A Multiple Kernel Learning Latent Variable Approach’  by Arash Vahdat (Simon Fraser University), Kevin Cannons (Simon Fraser University), Greg Mori (Simon Fraser University), Sangmin Oh, and Ilseo Kim. In collaboration with Simon Fraser University, the paper is on recognizing complex events in internet videos. It was sponsored by Kitware’s ALADDIN project.

Dr. Anthony Hoogs is on the organizing committee as the Corporate Relations Co-Chair with responsibilities for raising funding from industry. Kitware is a Silver sponsor of the conference.

As part of the workshop on Large-Scale Video Search and Mining, Amitha Perera will present the paper ‘Learning Non-linear Calibration for Score Fusion with Applications to Image and Video Classification’, by Tianyang Ma, Sangmin Oh, Amitha Perera, Longin Jan Latecki. This was a collaborative work between Kitware and Temple University.

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