Workshop on Applications for Aerial Video Exploitation (WAVE)Workshop on Applications for Aerial Video Exploitation (WAVE)

This workshop is organized by Matt Turek (Kitware), Anthony Hoogs (Kitware), and Arslan Basharat (Kitware).


This workshop will provide a forum to discuss the research and development of next-generation applications for aerial and overhead video, a significant imaging modality. Unmanned aerial vehicles are poised for widespread commercial use, creating the potential for a huge market for aerial video applications. Google’s recent purchase of Skybox, a provider of HD video from space, further confirms the growing importance of this type of imaging. Quadcopters with on-board video capabilities have become inexpensive enough to not only be utilized regularly by law enforcement but also enough to drive a booming hobbyist market. Aerial and overhead video will be undergoing large growth in the coming years, driving research and novel application development.

Workshop on Automated Analysis of Video Data for Wildlife Surveillance

This workshop is organized by Ben Richards (NOAA), Anthony Hoogs (Kitware), and David Kriegman (UCSD).


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