Marcus Hanwell is an invited speaker at the event. He will present ‘Tomviz: An Open Source Platform for Tomographic Reconstruction.’


The Tomviz project has been funded by the DOE as part of their SBIR program, and is developed by Kitware with collaborators from academia and national laboratories. The project has been developed openly from inception as a Phase I project, with the goal of developing an open, cross-platform tool for tomographic image acquisition, alignment, reconstruction, and analysis. It reuses a number of existing open source projects including CMake, Python, SciPy, Qt, VTK, ParaView, and ITK.

The project’s current state, and roadmap for development will be outlined, along with the software processes, and community building activities. The wider context of the software project will be examined, along with its alignment with the growing open science movement to create a truly innovative tool that enables reproducibility in a complex workflow. The business practices and models developed at Kitware over more than fifteen years will be outlined, with background on some of the related projects.

Physical Event

LSU Digital Media Center Theatre
340 East Parker Street (at West Lakeshore Drive), Baton Rouge, LA 70803

LUS Center for Computation & Technology