Marcus Hanwell will present a talk titled ‘Scalable Approaches to Immersive Data Storage, Visualization and Analysis’ from 3:00 – 4:00 in TA-3, Building 215, Room 182 (Physics Auditorium).


As computational power and storage capabilities grow we need to move beyond simply storing data and towards scalable techniques for indexing, visualizing, and interacting with our data. This requires a variety of techniques, from metadata abstraction, powerful search algorithms, client-server based data processing pipelines using flexible frameworks, and domain-specific approaches. Some of the building blocks common to different areas will be covered, along with several approaches explored for chemical data and how that might be expanded for general materials simulations and data. The Open Chemistry project will be described as it concerns the complete simulation lifecycle, and how it has reused several projects developed at Kitware and from the wider community. We will focus on the use of MongoDB and related technologies in the Open Chemistry project, and how that same technology is being applied in other areas such as the DARPA XDATA project. We will touch on the development of several related projects such as XDATA and ParaViewWeb and how they are being incorporated in the Open Chemistry project to provide a simple solution for chemists who want to store, search, collaborate, and share their data with the wider community.

Physical Event