Kitware is making its presence felt at the International Conference on Computer Vision 2017, happening October 22-29 in Venice, Italy!

Computer vision experts will lead a tutorial on wildlife surveillance, which was selected through a competitive vetting process by the conference organizers. As a Bronze Sponsor, Kitware has a booth in the Expo where representatives from the United States and France offices will be available throughout the conference to discuss Kitware’s vision research and employment opportunities in France and USA.

This is an exciting opportunity to engage with the international vision community to share information on Kitware’s cutting-edge open source vision software, KWIVER, and ongoing research and development in computer vision and machine learning.


On Sunday, October 22, Anthony Hoogs, the Senior Director of Computer Vision, will provide a tutorial related to Kitware’s current work with the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), titled “Open Source Software and Datasets for Wildlife Video Surveillance.” Dr. Hoogs is one of five organizers and speakers showcasing three major wildlife datasets, the existing analytics developed specifically for them, and the open source toolkits implementing those analytics. The importance of environmental monitoring will be front and center with talks on “Underwater Imagery and Video for Fisheries Stock Assessment,” “Underwater Visual Data for Coral Reef Fish Biodiversity Monitoring,” and “Identifying and Re-identifying Individual Animals for the Purpose of Population Assessment.”

Kitware’s Computer Vision group recognizes the potential for computer vision to greatly improve the breadth and depth of environmental monitoring through automating the analysis of images and videos from dedicated sensors, overhead imagery, and even social media. Through a contract with NOAA, Kitware is developing the open-source Video and Image Analytics for Marine Environments (VIAME) toolkit to integrate research developed by the NOAA Fisheries Strategic Initiative on Automated Image Analysis (AIASI)  members and others involved in underwater imagery. Dr. Hoogs is a member of the steering committee for this project.

VIAME is based on KWIVER, the KitWare Video and Image Exploitation and Retrieval toolkit, which is an open source framework for video and image analytics built from Kitware’s years of experience developing analytic systems for various customers in multiple domains. The purpose of VIAME is to integrate efforts across international science centers, universities and businesses as an open-source system for analysis of underwater video and imagery for fisheries stock assessment. It enables the use of existing analytics and rapid, low-cost integration of new algorithms, workflows, and datasets to address unsolved environmental challenges using computer vision. The benefits that vision can provide are extensive and continually evolving.

Join Kitware and its partners for this tutorial to engage with international experts utilizing vision to improve environmental monitoring in terrestrial and marine domains.


Please reach out to to schedule meetings throughout this event. Anthony Hoogs and Matt Dawkins from the U.S., and Bastien Jacquet and Pierre Guilbert from the France office will be on-hand for in depth conversations. Find out about Kitware’s computer vision research and capability development supporting academia, defense, environmental monitoring, and commercial domains.

About the event:

ICCV is the premier international computer vision event combining high quality tutorials, workshops, and the main exhibition in order to fuel collaboration amongst students, academics, and industry researchers worldwide. This highly sought after event has limited capacity, according to the ICCV 2017 website, so be sure to register early. The value in attending is exponential as it provides international perspectives on vision techniques, research & development, open-source software, and their current and potential contributions to various domains.

Physical Event

Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi, 30 30126 Lido di Venezia - Venice

Program Chairs representing Microsoft Research Asia, USC & Amazon, and Ca' Foscari University of Venice