As visual technologies on the web standardize and become more powerful, there are fewer reasons to avoid using the web as a primary mechanism for data visualization. The HTML5 triumvirate of SVG, 2D Canvas, and WebGL cover the needs of most visualizations from interactive charts to 3D models with millions of points. This talk will give an overview of tools available to make use of these technologies to visualize and share data insights by way of the ubiquitous web browser.

Jeffrey Baumes (Technical Leader and Data Scientist, Kitware Inc.) works to create tools that effectively visualize large and complex data – spanning relational, geospatial, temporal, bioinformatics, financial, and textual data and metadata. He has provided architectural oversight and development support for open-source toolkits that enable analysis and visualization of data, including information visualization capabilities in VTK, large-scale text analysis with Titan (co-developed with Sandia National Labs), and cutting-edge HTML5 web visualization with Tangelo. Recent projects under his direction include a DARPA XDATA big-data award with Harvard, Stanford, the University of Utah, and Georgia Tech; visualization of large financial data; advanced visualization for cyber security; and phylogenetic tree analysis and visualization.

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