Kitware is actively involved in this year’s event, organizing workshops, presenting papers and teaching tutorials. Some highlights are:

  • Organization by Andinet Enquobahrie of the Systems and Architectures for Computer-Assisted Interventions workshop.
  • Participation in the student event ‘Your Career in Industry and Academia,’ an informal interactive session for students to discuss career opportunities with leading organizations. This event is September 18, 2011 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Oral presentation on the paper ‘Geometric Metamorphosis’ on Wednesday September 21. The paper was authored by Marc Niethammer, Gabriel L. Hart, Danielle F. Pace, Paul M. Vespa, Andrei Irimia, John D. Van Horn, and Stephen R. Aylward. The research was in collaboration with UCLA who also provided data. This work was funded, in part, by NIH R01 CA138419 ‘Image Registration for Ultrasound-Based Neurosurgical Navigation.’
  • Presentation by Danielle Pace on ‘Sliding geometries in deformable image registration’ at the Computational and Clinical Applications in Abdominal Imaging workshop at 11:11 am on September 18.
  • ITKv4 Tutorial: The Next Generation, organized by Luis Ibanez.
  • Simple ITK Tutorial: Image Processing for Human Beings, organized by Luis Ibanez and Daniel Blezek (Mayo Clinic).
  • Stephen Aylward will be co-chairing Oral Session 1 on Monday, September 19 from 10:45-12:00.

Physical Event