A Publicly Accessible mHealth Database for Validation and Collaboration

By Andinet Enquobahrie, Matt McCormick, Matt Turek

This paper will be presented by Andinet at the workshop.


There are a plethora of mobile health technologies on the market. These technologies range from basic physiology measurement devices (such as blood glucose monitors, blood pressure monitors, ECG devices, heart rate monitors, peak flow meters, pedometers, weight scales, etc.) to more advanced diagnostic and treatment devices such as portable ultrasound. In addition, with the growing quantified self movement, hundreds of smartphone apps are available for personal health, fitness tracking and continuous health monitoring. With the increasing amount of data generated from these devices, there is a need for an effective data management and analysis methodologies.

However, data and computational scientists do not have access to publicly accessible databases to train and test their algorithms. On the other hand, mobile health researchers have generated vast amounts of data from continuous monitoring that would benefit from data analytics expertise. Creating a publicly accessible mHealth database will foster collaborations between mobile health researchers and computing scientists. This will result in data-driven advances in medicine and improve health assessments for patients.

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