Dr. Philippe Pébay will teach this 2-day course being offered at CSC – IT Center for Science in Espoo, Finland. The course provides a hands-on overview of the ParaView visualization application. The basic interactive visual exploration process is demonstrated, including data loading, data processing, adjusting parameters and data interaction. Key concepts such as cutting, clipping, contouring, probing, and glyphing are discussed in this course. This course provides examples of generating output in the form of processed data, rendered images, and animations.

This course will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Visualization Toolkit (VTK): short introduction addressing the key concepts
  • Interface to ParaView
  • Opening and importing data in ParaView
  • Display and data visualization
  • Handling and data analysis
  • Parallel processing: how to install and configure a cluster of ParaView

For additional details or registration information, please visit the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe website.


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