The purpose of this two-day training is to present ParaView’s architecture, its user interface, the main post processing filters available, the different tools to extend its functionality, and the use batch mode to generate data or images.

This training will provide, among other tips and practices, an overview of ParaView.

The specificity of this training is that it will take place in a virtual reality room fitted with a powerwall. Hence, special emphasis will be placed on the use and deployment of ParaView with such devices.

The training mixes theory and application with a set of tutorials and exercises.


  • Discover ParaView
  • Load and process data using ParaView
  • Extend ParaView with plugins
  • Deploy ParaView on clusters


  • VTK: Basic Knowledge (for Day 2 only)
  • C++: Basic knowledge (for Day 2 only)

About the Instructor

Joachim Pouderoux holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences from the University of Bordeaux, where he also received his Masters and Bachelor’s degrees. His Ph.D. thesis investigated semi-automatic creation of digital terrain models for visualization and interaction on handheld computers.

Physical Event