Rick Avila will be presenting a paper on the ‘Quantitative Estimation of Individual Lung Cancer Risk’ on Wednesday December 2, 2009.

Kitware will also be providing a showcase exhibit at the “Toward Quantitative Imaging: Reading Room of the Future” on quantitative measurement of lung cancer response to therapy. The Reading Room of the Future will be located in Hall E of the Lakeside Learning Center of McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago.

Kitware is also attending the CTK Meeting, which is the third planning meeting of the CommonToolkit, and the American Association on Physics in Medicine Sub-committee on Computer-Aided Diagnosis (AAPM CADSC) Meeting, the goal of which is to define standards for CAD evaluation in research.

Rick Avila, Kitware’s Senior Director of Healthcare Solutions, and Stephen Aylward, Kitware’s Director of Medical Imaging will also be presenting a workshop on ‘Open-Source Tools for Medical Research and Applications’ at this year’s conference. 

Physical Event