On October 25 from 3:00-4:00pm, Stephen Aylward will present a talk on ‘Vasculature for Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Guidance’ as part of the Stanford School of Medicine’s Information Science in Imaging 2011 Seminar Series. The abstract for Dr. Aylward’s talk is below.

Abstract: Blood vessels respond to the presence and progression of a multitude of diseases, are readily segmented and characterized in a variety of imaging modalities, and can serve as the pathways for the delivery of treatments. This talk summarizes research medical image analysis techniques and trends regarding vessel quantification for disease diagnosis and treatment. For example, vascular changes have been shown to manifest a few days after only a few cancer cells have been implanted in an animal, and disease-associated changes in a tumor’s vasculature have been shown to be mitigated when the tumor is effectively treated. Additionally, the conspicuity of vessels in multiple imaging modalities, including ultrasound imaging with micro-bubble contrast agents, makes them ideal for longitudinal studies, intervention guidance, and much more; and examples of such applications will be given.

Physical Event