On February 27 at 11:00, Andy Bauer will present ‘SiMBA: Graphical HPC Application Suite for Supporting the Product Simulation Lifecycle‘ as part of the Frameworks, Algorithms and Scalable Technologies for Mathematics on Next-generation Computers symposium.

The Simulation Model Based Architecture project (SiMBA) is an open-source effort to provide a flexible framework for simulation lifecycles, and is based on existing open-source HPC toolkits. SiMBA uses a “model-centric” approach, where the geometric model is the primary subject and directly associated with the additional information required to define a complete simulation. In addition, a set of customizable applications that address the needs of the entire simulation lifecycle is being developed. This presentation is authored by Robert M. O’Bara, Robert Maynard, Yumin Yuan, Andrew Bauer, Marcus Hanwell, and Berk Geveci.

On February 26 at 3:30 , Bob O’Bara will present ‘Computational Model Building Tools for Hydrological Simulations’ as part of the Computational Problems in Geophysics: Modeling, Simulation and Inversion symposium.


The Computational Model Builder (CMB) project is focused on providing a suite of tools to support hydrological simulation workflows. Its PointsBuilder tool provides the ability to manipulate LIDAR and other point-sample data. The SceneBuilder and ModelBuilder tools allow users to define the problem’s geometric domain as well as a topological decomposition suitable for material and boundary condition assignment.  SimBuilder provides a mechanism of associating simulation information to the domain as well as creating input files for specific solvers.

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