Drs. Rachel Clipp and Matt Brown will give a seminar on medical computing and computer vision at Kitware.
Kitware researchers Dr. Rachel Clipp and Dr. Matt Brown will talk about their transition from academic research to R&D at a private company as well as some of their active projects. Kitware is a software research and development company with expertise in computer vision, data and analytics, high-performance computing and visualization, medical computing, and software process. Dr. Clipp works in Kitware’s Medical Computing group developing and supporting simulation platforms that power medical training, planning, and predictive applications for improved patient treatment and outcomes. Capabilities include whole-body computational physiology models for faster than real-time simulation, surgical planning and guidance applications, high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics for patient-specific treatment planning, and virtual/augmented reality solutions for immersive training, and patient-specific image-to-model and mode-to-simulation workflows. Dr. Brown works in Kitware’s Computer Vision group, developing technologies for 3-D reconstruction, deep-learning-based detection and tracking, and activity recognition. His work involves deploying state-of-the-art algorithms into real-world systems.

Physical Event

Riddick 339

North Carolina State University