Kitware EU, in collaboration with Sheffield University, will be holding software engineering training on CMake, ITK, and VTK. The hands-on course will focus on ‘bridging the gap between world-class research and professional software development to deliver the next generation of computational imaging software prototypes for clinical translation.’

The course includes:

VPH Workflow. ‘A real use case will drive the workshop to experience the delivery of pre-clinical prototypes using GIMIAS platform.’

Patient Space. ‘General questions will be addressed by Kitware and CISTB’ and attendees can ‘obtain technical assistance from Kitware and CISTIB teams to progress on their personal projects.’

Case Studies. This section will include case studies where researchers and developers will explain the challenges they faced when implementing their prototypes and how they managed to overcome these challenges.

Software Engineer Training. Learn about ‘best software engineering practices using CMake,’ as well as ‘image processing tools provided by ITK’ and ‘VTK rendering and processing pipelines.’

Physical Event