This course covers in depth how CMake works and how to efficiently write CMake scripts for small to larger projects. The second part of the course covers unit testing with CTest, packaging with CPack, and continuous integration with CDash. The training mixes theory and application with a set of tutorials and exercises.


  • Configure simple and complex projects with CMake
  • Understand the basics of CMake (variables, cache, flow, etc.)
  • Experiment unit testing with CTest
  • Package full applications with CPack
  • Setup a continuous integration platform with CDash
  • Quickly get up to speed with the various tools: CMake, CPack, CTest and CDash


  • C/C++ : Basic knowledge

About the Instructor

Julien Jomier is currently directing Kitware’s European subsidiary in Lyon, France (Kitware SAS), where he focuses on European business development.

Physical Event