Kitware’s Dr. Stephen Aylward has been invited to speak at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Biomedical Image Computing and Analytics 2017 Speaker Seminar Series. His talk is scheduled for 1p.m. on December 7, 2017.

Title: Open science: a path to success in academia and industry

Abstract: The line between academia and industry is becoming increasingly blurred.  Some individuals and universities see the creation of a startup company as the pinnacle of success for a professor, and that view has led some to believe that the practice of open science is an impediment to their success.  This talk will argue that open science is actually a key to success in academia and industry.  It will show that open science has been one of the business practices that has led to success for Kitware and for Dr. Aylward’s career in academia and industry. The talk concludes with a discussion of Kitware’s ongoing research into point-of-care ultrasound technologies for pre-hospital trauma patient management and how that work has involved open science.

Physical Event

Center for Biomedical Image Computing and Analytics University of Pennsylvania
3600 Market St Philadelphia, Pennsylvania\