VisWeek is the premier forum for visualization advances for academica, government and industry. There are three separate conferences that make up VisWeek: IEEE Visualization 2011, IEEE Information Visualization 2011 and IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology 2011.

Jeff Baumes will be presenting a paper, ‘Geospatial and Entity Driven Document Visualization for Non-proliferation Analysis,’ at the Workshop on Interactive Visual Text Analytics for Decision Making.

On Thursday, October 27 from 10:30-12:10, Will Schroeder will be speaking as part of the Verification in Visualization: Building a Common Culture panel with Robert Kirby, Claudio Silva, and Robert Laramee.

During coffee and lunch breaks on Monday and Tuesday, Kitware will be demonstrating our new VTK OpenGL ES Rendering Toolkit (VES). We will be highlighting KiwiViewer, the mobile visualization app, on iOS and Android tablets along with work-in-progress in medical imaging, interactive animation and mesh clipping, the development of an image slice widget and annotated models. To see any of this in action, please visit Kitware’s booth.

Physical Event