Wes Turner and Marcus Hanwell will present a tutorial on March 4 from 2:00-5:00 titled ‘A Sampling of Open Source Visualization, Analytics, and Informatics Tools’

Summary of Topics:
We will provide an introductory tutorial on several open source and freely available tools recently introduced, extended, or improved at Kitware. Among the tools we will cover are web based adaptations of our widely used ParaView Tool (ParaViewWeb) for viewing big data, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations and volume rendering; new developments in chemical simulation and cheminformatics; recently released Informatics tools such as Visomics, new D3 based libraries, and geospatial visualizations for omics, medical informatics research, and web based visualizations; and open source medical imaging tools for viewing and analysing CT, MRI and microscope derived images.

Key Outcomes and Learning Objectives:
Attendees will gain introductory level knowledge of several key open source platforms developed at Kitware and will leave the session with the software installed on their computers. Attendees will also be introduced to the concept of open source and collaborative tools such as bug trackers, mailing lists, wikis, source code repositories and dashboards; and will know where they can be found for the tools discussed in the course.

Further material is openly available on the web using Kitware provided tutorials, documentation, and communities.
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