Kitware SAS willl hold a two day course covering VTK and ParaView in Lyon, France. The objectives of this training are to understand the VTK pipeline and use it to view 2D images, meshes, and stacks of images; and discover ParaView, load data, and perform and parallel processing.

The course requires a good knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts and image processing. People attending the training are required to bring a laptop with a compiler installed and the necessary libraries such as ITK. The instructor will send instructions to the students on how to set up their computers.

The VTK-ParaView course will be given by Julien Jomier or Philippe Pébay.

Mr. Jomier is one of the main developers of ITK and VTK. He also participates in the development of ParaView. Mr. Jomier has over 10 years’ experiences in visualization and image processing. He is responsible for the European subsidiary of Kitware France.

Dr. Pébay is the Director of Visualization and HPC of Kitware SAS, the European subsidiary of the Kitware group.  He is one of the most active developers of VTK.

The registration deadline is March 2, 2012. Register now to get the best rate!

Registration rate before February 24:
1 day:
490 € HT
390€ HT (students)
2 days
799 € HT
630 € HT (students)

Registration rate after February 24 :
1 day:
590 € HT
490€ HT (students)
2 days
990 € HT

790 € HT (students)

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