The first part of this training will present the common uses of VTK using a practical-oriented methodology.

The second part of the course will give an overview of ParaView including how to visualize and browse datasets, as well as how to use techniques to post process them using examples based on use cases of several scientific domains.

The training mixes theory and application with a set of tutorials and exercises.


  • Understand the VTK pipeline
  • View and process images and meshes
  • Extend the user interface with widgets
  • Discover ParaView
  • Load and process data using ParaView
  • Extend ParaView with plugins


  • C++: basic knowledge

About the Instructor

After qualifying as an informatics and research engineer in Centrale Lille (France) in 2012, Tristan Coulange decided to extend his scope of expertise and join the Informatics Master in Lyon University to specialize in image treatment and algorithmic geometry.

Passionate about mathematics, programming, technology, and research, Tristan teamed up with R&D experts during his different internships to work on radiotherapy applications, image segmentation, real-time shape recognition, and GPU parallel computing.

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