The original web page for this workshop ( was hosted by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), which has been closed because of the partial shutdown of the US Government. This webpage is a temporary surrogate and does not contain all of the content of the original. The workshop will happen as originally planned on Jan. 7, 2019 with the schedule as published in the hardcopy conference booklet, and also listed below.

This workshop is part of the 2019 IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Hawaii, Jan. 7-11, 2019.

This workshop has an associated data challenge, the Activities in Extended Videos (ACTEV) Prize Challenge sponsored by IARPA. See details at In a preliminary phase of the challenge, the top three submissions as of October 2018 were invited to give presentations at this workshop. The challenge continues through February 2019 with substantial prize money and the winners presenting at the ActivityNet workshop at CVPR 2019.

Workshop Program

Opening Remarks and Invited Talks (9:00-10:00)
Remarks 9:00 Welcome Organizers
Invited Talk 9:10 Detecting Activities with Less Cees Snoek (University of Amsterdam)
Invited Talk 9:40 Activity Detection in Extended Videos – The IARPA DIVA Program Jeff Alstott (IARPA)
Morning Break (10:10-10:30)
ActEV Challenge Results & Best Performer Presentations (10:30-12:10)
Invited Talk 10:30 ActEV18: Human Activity Detection Evaluation for Extended Videos Yooyoung Lee, Jon Fiscus, Afzal Godil, David Joy, Andrew Delgado, Jim Golden (NIST)
Oral Paper 10:55 Recent Results from a Proposal-based Approach for Action Detection in Untrimmed Videos Carlos Castillo
Oral Paper 11:20 Object-Centric Spatio-Temporal Activity Detection Quanfu Fan
Oral Paper 11:45 Novel Activities Detection Algorithm in Extended Videos Li Yao, Ying Qian
Video Analytics Session (12:10-13:00)
Oral Paper 12:10 Supporting Real-time Public Safety Analytics in the NIST PSCR Public Safety Analytics Portfolio John Garofolo
Oral Paper 12:35 A Continuous, Full-scope, Spatio-temporal Tracking Metric based on KL-divergence Terry Adams
Lunch Break (13:00-14:30)
Activity Detection/Recognition Session (14:30-17:00)
Invited Talk 14:30 View Invariant and Few Shot Action Recognition Mubarak Shah (University of Central Florida)
Afternoon Break & Poster Session (15:00-16:15)
Poster Presentation Joint Event Detection and Description in Continuous Video Streams Huijuan Xu, Boyang Li, Vasili Ramanishka, Leonid Sigal, Kate Saenko
Poster Presentation A Scalable System Architecture for Activity Detection with Simple Heuristics Rico Thomanek, Christian Roschke,Tony Rolletschke, Manuel Heinzig, Maximilian Eibl, Benny Platte, Robert Manthey, Matthias Vodel, Frank Zimmer, Marc Ritter
Poster Presentation Synthesizing Attributes with Unreal Engine for Fine-grained Activity Analysis Tae Soo Kim, Mike Peven, Weichao Qiu, Alan Yuille, Gregory D. Hager
Poster Presentation Fine-grained Action Detection in Long Surveillance Videos Sathyanarayanan Aakur, Daniel Sawyer, Sudeep Sarkar
Oral Paper 16:15 Minding the Gaps in a Video Action Analysis Pipeline Jia Chen, Jiang Liu, Junwei Liang, Ting-Yao Hu, Wei Ke, Wayner Barrios, Dong Huang, Alexander Hauptman
Panel 16:40 ActEV & ActEV-PC Group Discussion
Closing Remarks ( 17:00 )

Workshop Organizers

Terry Adams, Former IARPA PM for DIVA

Jonathan Fiscus, NIST

Afzal Godil, NIST

Anthony Hoogs, Kitware, Inc.

Reuven Meth, Engility


For information about the workshop please email

Physical Event

Hilton Waikoloa Village
Waikoloa Beach Dr, Waikoloa Village, HI 96738