Hannah DeFazio

R&D Engineer

Hannah DeFazio is an R&D engineer on Kitware’s Computer Vision (CV) Team located in Carrboro, North Carolina. Her specific field of interest is automation because she enjoys working on projects that are well motivated and help the end-user.

Before joining Kitware full-time, Hannah was a co-op student at Kitware’s headquarters in Clifton Park. She worked with the CV team in the early stages of a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) project. She also interned at General Electric Power in Schenectady, New York on the Cyber Security Team where she helped implement new testing frameworks and SAST tools. 

Hannah received her bachelor’s degree with distinction in computer science and a minor in mathematics from Clarkson University in 2020. While there, she completed her honors thesis on building an assistive robot that can detect falls and intervene with support if it is necessary. She was also a leader in student life through her roles as a resident advisor and teaching assistant. Hannah is continuing her education at Clarkson University by earning a master’s degree in computer science with an expected completion date in 2022.



B.S. in computer science, minor in mathematics, from Clarkson University, 2020

Get to Know Hannah

What is your favorite thing about working at Kitware? I really love how passionate my coworkers are about their projects. Everyone is constantly trying to improve their knowledge and understanding of the field. I have learned so much from my coworkers and I attribute that to them wanting to share their passion with others.

What do you love most about what you do? I enjoy the flexibility in my work. During my first year at Kitware, I was able to try out a few different projects and areas of interest before I found the one that fit me best. Having this opportunity to define my career goals in an interactive manner has helped me grow as an engineer.

Share something interesting about yourself that is not on your resume. I am definitely a crafty person. Outside of work, I’ve picked up cross stitch, sewing, and drawing.