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Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the Midas Server C++ API and CLI and Midas Desktop.

Midas Mac version for 64bit machines

Midas Mac version has been compiled for 64bit machines. Note that it does not run successfully on 32bit OS (leopard and prior to that). We plan to add 32bit binaries in the upcoming releases.

After running fine for a while, I get a lot of "Invalid user token" messages in the log when trying to communicate with the server

Default web API keys are set to expire after 60 minutes. If you see a message like this, you should Sign out and sign back in, which will refresh your authentication token.

I've agreed to the license agreement, but Midas Desktop still thinks I didn't

This is a temporary problem that will be fixed Friday, 2/18/2011. We apologize for the inconvenience. In the mean time, please complete the user agreement process on the Midas Server webpage for your data, and send an e-mail to contact@viratdata.org. We will send you a temporary solution.