[Xdmf] heads up Xdmf repository wrangling coming soon

David E DeMarle dave.demarle at kitware.com
Thu Apr 21 11:14:55 EDT 2016

Following up, we now have gitlab and cdash set up to help with xdmf
development. Together these gives us a good way to propose changes to Xdmf
and have some confidence that changes don't introduce regressions. I
decided not to got for the full buildbot treatment as that seems like
overkill right now but if we get a lot of commit volume we should be able
to set that up too.

The way to make changes to xdmf now is:

1) clone xdmf and setup a build as described at

2) from your build directory , run "ctest" to run xdmf's regression test
suite, all tests are expected to pass

run "ctest -D Experimental" to run the tests locally AND publish the result
for all the world to see.
The results show up on https://open.cdash.org/index.php?project=XDMF

3) make a branch, make some changes, run locally tests and commit your
changes locally when you are happy with the result

4) get ready to share your changes with the world
Point your browser to https://gitlab.kitware.com/xdmf/xdmf
Click the sign in button to make an account for yourself
Click Fork to clone the repository into your account

6) push your local changes to your fork from the command line (add the
remote, fetch, then push your branch to the remote)

7) On gitlab submit a merge request to ask that your work be including into
xdmf's master branch

In the comments, use @username to automatically send and email to ask
someone to take a look at your work.
I recommend that you also post a link to your submissions to cdash (before
and after) that demonstrate that your code didn't introduce problems on
your machine.

8) A few minutes after a trusted developer hits the merge button on your
merge request, your branch will show up in Xdmf.git. That night, a proven
dashboard machine at kitware will run and verify that master still works as
expected on another machine as well.

The current xdmf master reflects more or less the same thing that it did in
VTK a few weeks ago and in particular it does not yet reflect the changes
that Armin AndrewP and others have submitted in the form of VTK merge

@Armin and @AndrewP, if you would please submit your changes again at the
xdmf level (where they will be beneficial to every project that used Xdmf,
not just VTK/ParaView). Once merged into xdmf master, follow though at the
VTK level as described above to get them into VTK and ParaView. Now that
the process is settled, I should be able to find the time to assist if you
get stuck.

Here's hoping this helps everyone and that Xdmf will evolve more fluidly
now! Remember xdmf.org is a wiki and all are invited to sign up and update
it. Also note that everyone is invited to setup additional dashboard
machines to augment the lonely karego-at linux shared lib release tester I
set up this morning.

cheers and a quick shout out to Mike Stephens @ ERDC for getting me some
dedicated time to sort this out. Thanks Mike!
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