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Accelerate Your trame Application Development Process

Kitware can work with you to efficiently build scalable web applications for data visualization and analytics using trame.
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Learn how to confidently use trame from the expert developers at Kitware.


Our experts can assist your team as you build your web application and establish in-house expertise.

Custom Development

Leverage Kitware’s 25+ years of experience to quickly build your web application.

Powerful Data Visualization and Analytics Delivered by trame and the Experts at Kitware

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Kitware can help you deploy your trame application on a desktop, in a browser, in the cloud, within a Jupyter cell, or in an HPC environment.

Rich Feature Set

By integrating with existing libraries and tools such as Vuetify, Altair, deck.gl, VTK, ParaView and more, Kitware can help you create compelling and informative visual analytics applications with trame.


Kitware has nearly two decades of experience in AI development and integration. We can help you incorporate AI within any trame application.

Powerful Integrations

trame can be embedded in any Python environment using PyPI or Conda, so Kitware can help you easily integrate it with popular tools such as Plotly, Matplotlib, and VTK.

Positive User Experience

Our skilled designers can convert your complex task into an enjoyable and productive user experience through custom layout design and content formatting.

Scalable Processing and Visualization

trame supports client-side or server-side rendering. Kitware can help you determine which is best for you based on your application and computing environment.

Custom Widgets

Need additional functionality? Kitware can build and bundle new custom components into a Python package/module.

Porting Desktop to Web

Kitware can convert almost any C++ desktop application into a Web application.

Powered by Open Source

trame is licensed under Apache License Version 2.0, so it can be used to create open source or commercial applications without any licensing concerns or ongoing license fees.

Research and Development

Not sure if what you want to do is even possible? No problem! Kitware’s skilled researchers are published experts who are dedicated to advancing their fields. Let’s explore the possibilities together!

Let’s talk about how Kitware can work with you to adopt trame.

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Peace Of Mind, Powered By Kitware

Decades of Expertise. For more than 25 years, we have delivered cutting-edge software development services. As the developers of trame, we are the experts and can tailor it to your exact needs.

Customer-Focused. Establishing the right team is essential. We take the time to understand how you work so we can successfully work as part of your team.

Employee-Owned. Kitware is proud to be 100% employee-owned. Every Kitware employee is invested in your business, so your success is our success!

All of Your trame Questions Answered

trame is a platform for creating interactive and powerful visual analytics applications. Based on Python, trame leverages platforms such as VTK and ParaView to develop scalable, web-based visualization applications in minutes.

Various tools and frameworks are available for building web applications, but only some, if any, can provide seamless, scalable, interactive 3D visualization. Trame does this by leveraging VTK and ParaView and integrating other tools such as Plotly, Matploglib, and Python libraries.

Trame is also built with scalable tools such as ParaView, which means that even the largest data can be processed and visualized.


Actively developing open source platforms and supporting open source communities is part of Kitware’s DNA. This allows us to develop technologies that are shared publicly with permissive licensing and without licensing fees. When a custom chooses to contribute some or all of their developments back to open science, they benefit from the continuous improvements made and shared among the open source community, thereby reducing future update and maintenance costs.

When keeping the technology open is not a feasible option, we can develop closed technologies over which customers remain in full control.

Web, desktop, and Jupyter.

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